Non-techie small business owner finally cracks
the ”Programmer Hiring Code” and reveals… 

How To Hire The Right Programmer
Even If You Know Absolutely

NOTHING About Programming

Dear Fellow Non-Techie Entrepreneur & Business Owner …

Imagine if you could harness the potential of all the great IT solutions just waiting for you and your business.  Sounds great, but …

The risk

If you’re not technical, then you face a risk doing this. Instead of getting the right programmer to work on your new project, you could find yourself with a complete duda massive waste of your time and money.

php interview questions

Garry Ponus
Small Business Owner
(and non-techie)

What if your new programmer relies on your lack of technical skills  to collect a few pay checks before you discover they know nothing and sack them?

A system to beat the risk

Where you’re hiring a programmer to work for you online or onsite, you need a system to protect your interests.  Many businesses now recognize that even online staff still need to be properly checked out before hiring.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, it recently dawned on me the significant time and cost risks associated with hiring a programmer when so many businesses/entrepreneurs desperately need IT skills.  

That’s when I decided to create the Programmer Hiring System to help people like you and me hire the right programmer without having to BE a programmer

An expert to the rescue

I went looking for an IT expert to put together great IT interview questions.  In particular, interview questions that you don’t find for free on the internet (where interviewees could just memorize them).

The IT expert I found, Pete, was a bit hard to get to do this work because he was busy working on other ‘more important’ projects – that is, projects for organizations already taking advantage of his IT expertise to achieve their goals.

I found out that Pete is highly skilled in over 15 different programming languages, so he is well qualified to write great struts interview questions, jsp interview questions and php interview questions.

Pete has been independently tested as fully competent in 9 areas, and achieved in the top 5% of programmers tested.  With that track record, I just knew I had to get him working for me.

So what’s actually in the Programmer Hiring System?

1. Interviewing manualInterviewing Manual Programmer

    • A 10-page manual covering the most important points you need to get started

    Comprehensive advice to guide you towards the best outcome

    • Step-by-step instructions on running the entire interview process

    Even if you’re a novice at interviewing, you’ll come across looking capable and confident

    • Three interviewing secrets to separate the talkers from the performers

    This minimizes the chances of you getting a dud – and wasting your time and money

    • Strategy and advice for interviewing IT professionals who may not end up working for you face to face

    Increasingly, business owners and entrepreneurs are going online to hire programmers, but are discovering the need to still go through a proper hiring process

    • Details of the number one trap to avoid   when recruiting IT professionals

    Avoid the pain and be satisfied you’re getting the best

    • A pay guide for the IT profession, including for emerging technologies

    This allows you to attract and keep good people without paying too much


2. Interviewing templateInterviewing Template

    • A 9-page template with a wide range of general interview questions

    Helps uncover what they’re really like whether you use a few of the questions or the lot

    • A minute-by-minute running sheet

    If you’re looking for a long-term employee, this means you prepare properly so you can make the best choice without being rushed

    • The latest behavioral interviewing techniques

    Allows the great workers to shine through even when they usually struggle at interview, so you don’t miss out on a hidden gem

    • Interview questions for the four most important non-IT skills your IT professional must have

    Take it from me, you really don’t want someone who is an IT star but difficult to work with – these questions cover off this possibility

    • A choice of 12 questions to uncover the interviewee’s work history and motivations

    You get a clearer picture on how they’ll fit into your organization and whether they’ll stay

    • A reference checking template giving you the questions to ask

    Allows you to independently verify whether the IT star you’ve seen at interview is actually a star in the job


3. Php interview questions, struts interview questions, jsp interview questionsSpecialization Questions

    • 10 pages of interview questions for six IT specializations including jsp interview questions, struts interview questions and php interview questions

    Avoid the risk of interviewees just memorizing common questions off the internet.  Instead, get the best chance to find great IT professionals

    • Interview questions that are graded from basic to advanced

    Whether you need php interview questions, struts interview questions or jsp interview questions for a simple or complex situation, you can find the best person to match what you need


4. Glossary of IT TermsIT Glossary

    • A 4-page IT glossary covering the meanings of the most common IT terms

    When they start speaking ‘geek’ you’ll be prepared.  Included is all the common jargon you would expect to hear in response to your php interview questions, struts interview questions or jsp interview questions.  Use it at interview, and once they start working for you


    5. Other

    • Immediate delivery with no waiting time

    For when you need to get started right away



110% Money

Back Guarantee!


If this does not take all the fear and confusion out of hiring your next IT Professional AND ensure you get the best IT talent for your budget, then contact us to receive a better-than-money-back refund.  This means it’s actually me taking the risk, not you (more details below)

Common questions

Why don’t I just find some free jsp interview questions, struts interview questions or php interview questions online and use those?

How much is your time worth and what sort of quality will you get?  To reproduce the 90+ questions in the Complete IT Interviewing System could easily take 10-20 hours of your time.

If you paid yourself just $20 an hour, it could cost you the equivalent of $200- $400.  If you paid an IT professional at just $50 an hour,you could be up for $500-$1000.  If you can find free interview questions online, so you can your interviewees.

This means they could just memorize the questions without you really knowing what the interviewee is like.

What if the product doesn’t actually do what I need it to do?

We’ve done our best to describe above all the valuable elements of the Programmer Hiring System including the all-important php interview questions, struts interview questions and jsp interview questions.  Our guarantee below provides you with the peace of mind that there’s really a minimal risk in trying it out.

In the unlikely event that the System doesn’t work for you, you’ll actually make a small profit when you return it to us.

What if the information is not current?

This package including struts interview questions, jsp interview questions and php interview questions was first developed in 2012 and is updated regularly.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can always invoke the better-than-money-back guarantee.

Which IT specializations are covered?

There are six specializations covered.  Included are struts interview questions, jsp interview questions, html interviewing questions and php interview questions.  You also get interview questions for database management (MySQL), and mainframe applications.

How do I know this is not a scam?

We are committed to helping you and your organization succeed with the help of great IT professionals.  For this reason, we offer a better-than-money-back guarantee.

To put it another way, we would hate to see your potential uncertainty about this product stop you achieving your goals – hence, the guarantee.  Also, have a look at our testimonials below.


What our customers say

Robert Arnold
Orange County, CA (USA)

Emma Tallon
Greenford, England

struts interview questions

“This package is excellent! It tells you exactly how to get the right employee for your company. Prior to reading this material, I felt many of the IT Professionals we hired at our company were either A) Not well qualified –and I would figure this out after the fact, OR, B) Did not help achieve company goals. When I was faced with the daunting task of finding another IT Pro, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I searched online for a guide… I was expecting to find nothing since this isn’t a major topic, but lo and behold, I found this step by step guide. This package has helped me learn what the position inclines, gave me an IT Interview Template (and explained how to use it), told me everything I needed to know about running the interview, and more. Now I feel I am more prepared for the interviews. Highly recommended!”

Kaylin Elisabeth
Somerset, NJ (USA)


jsp interview questions

“As both an HR and IT professional, this resource is something I would recommend to others who would like some information from a IT professionals’ view.  It easy to read, relevant and useful for those with minimal IT knowledge.”

Mark Lloyd
Newcastle, NSW (Australia)


Michael“As a small business owner, this product hits the spot.  It saves you money and comes in a concise, easy to understand package.  It’s getting harder to fire people these days (new laws etc), which makes recruiting the right people the first time so much more important.  For me, using this guide is a case of spend now so you can save later.  Really glad I found it.”

Michael Ross
Henderson, NV (USA)


nazeem“With the guide provided by Programmer Hiring System, I was able to screen potential IT professionals that I needed for my business.  Since I do not have enough IT skills, it made the entire screening task a lot easier and I was able to find competent and suitable people (two so far) – this information definitely saved me from hiring the wrong guy in one case.”

Naeem Zaheer
Falls Church, VA (USA)


James“Good, simple and effective interviewing tool.  Takes the pain out of interviewing.”

Jamie Porry
Bristol, (UK)


Matthew“I found the hiring guide an excellent tool for getting IT staff, even virtual staff. The format makes it easy to identify the best candidate, even for the uninitiated in IT like me.”

Matthew Newland
Castle Hill, NSW (Australia)


All the tools you need to confidently recruitgreat IT professionals from a range of specializations

By now, you’re probably wondering how much the Programmer Hiring System will cost.  Even though I’ve had customers suggest it is worth much, much more than what we charge, we prefer to maintain a fair price of $37.00

More importantly, how much is it worth to you?  While $37.00 might seem like a significant investment today, can you imagine what your life would look like in a year’s time if you don’t solve the IT problems facing your business?

If you act today, you also receive the following bonus items:

1. Building the Best Business Team (ebook)

  • If you’re recruiting IT professionals, you’ll want to know how to build an unstoppable team to create a booming business.  In this book, learn how to design your plan, step up your communication skills, provide training tools and reward a job well done.  Value: $26.95


2. Creating your first eCommerce Site (ebook)

  • Is your competition beating you out of business because they have an ONLINE presence and you don’t? Don’t let the world pass you by.  Recruiting great IT staff is only part of the job.  In this book, you can learn the strategy behind setting up your own eCommerce site so you can trade across your country and across the world.  Value: $21.95


3. The Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing (ebook)

  • Do you have a project that you needed to complete yesterday? You’ve employed great IT professionals, but what if that’s still not enough.  What if you become a victim of your own success and find yourself with more work than you can handle, and you need help fast!   The answer may lie in the land of outsourcing.  This easy-to-read beginner’s guide provides a thorough overview of all things outsourcing.  Save money, increase your capacity, learn the strategies to help you excel and the potholes to avoid.  Value: $27.95


4. PC Protection Guide (ebook)

  • Now that you’re entering the world of IT, here’s a horrible thought … what if you lose it all?!  What if all the advances you make for your organisation are lost in a moment because you haven’t protected your computer system.  Consider if you lost legal documents, contracts, invoices, bookkeeping records, tax records, customer databases, software licenses or passwords.  It’s not a matter of if your hard drive or network goes down – it’s a matter of when. Whether your business is online or not, the PC Protection Guide gives you all the information you need to protect your precious electronic assets from a wide range of potential threats.   Value: $27.95



5. The Programmer Hiring System Quick-start Guide (video)
  • A quick-start video that in less than 20 minutes, gives you the key elements to successfully interview and recruit great IT staff guiding you in how to use your great php interview questions, struts interview questions and jsp interview questions.  If you’re on a tight deadline, this gives you the overview you need so you can leap straight in.  Value: $31.95

programmer hiring system dvd

So with all of the bonuses I’m including, this comes to a total value of $173.75, which is yours for a small, one-time, investment of $37.00.  But you need to be quick. 



jsp interview questions

Live email support to help you avoid roadblocks

The next 17 people get free live email support - when your inevitable questions come up, you’ll have direct access to get the answers you need to help you  recruit great IT professionals without annoying delays.  But after those spots are gone, I will be charging $29 for 30 days of support.

Think about it, what if you are preparing for your first interview and you come up with a question that you just can’t answer?

  • Send us an email and get a response with 24 hours.

What if your preferred interviewee does or says something unusual which you’re not quite sure how to interpret?

  • Send us an email and get a response with 24 hours.

What if you’re struggling to properly check references and need some ideas to get around the problem?

  • Send us an email and get a response with 24 hours.

Remember, this is a service we usually charge for ($29/month) but we’re happy to include for a short time provided you’re one of the next 17 people to buy.



We want to make it really easy for you to achieve the organizational goals you’ve set.  For this reason, we’re offering what some people would call a ridiculous guarantee.  That’s right, a 110% refund if you are not satisfied with the Programmer Hiring System and the included php interview questions, struts interview questions and jsp interview questions.

How does it work?  Within 60 days of buying, simply return the Programmer Hiring System to us to receive a 110% refund ($40.70), no questions asked.  Plus keep the $136.75 worth of bonus items for free!

You’re probably wondering, why on earth would we offer a better-than-money-back guarantee?  We’re serious about this – we really want you and your organization to succeed. 

We don’t want to allow your potential uncertainty about this product stop you from achieving all that you can, when all that’s holding you back is a lack of IT skills.  With a guarantee like that, what have you got to lose?!









Are you really prepared to let a little

perceived uncertainty about this product 

 stop you from achieving what you deserve

when we’re offering a 110% guarantee?


Consider what will happen if you don’t get your hands on the Programmer Hiring System:

1. Where will you find yourself in 12 months’ time?

  • in the same place you are in now?
  • frustrated that you or your organization are not making the progress you wanted to?

2. What if you do hire IT staff but end up with a dud?

  • A week after they started, how much would you be prepared to pay to revisit that hiring decision (if it was the wrong one)? $50? $100?
  • What about a month after they started, how much would you be prepared to pay then if you employed the wrong person?  $500? $1000?

3. Remember what you get:

    bundle photo

    • The Programmer Hiring System comprising a 10 page manual, 9 page interview template, 10 pages of interview questions for six specializations including php interview questions, struts interview questions, jsp interview questions, and a 4 page glossary, total value: $37.00
    • Bonus 1 – Building the Best Business Team (ebook), value $26.95
    • Bonus 2 – Creating your first eCommerce Site (ebook), value $21.95
    • Bonus 3 – The Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing (ebook), value $27.95
    • Bonus 4 – PC Protection Guide (ebook), value $27.95
    • Bonus 5 – The Complete IT Interviewing System Quick-start Guide (video), value $31.95

That’s total value of $173.75, for a small, one-time, investment of $37.00 , with our 110% guarantee. This includes great struts interview questions, jsp interview questions and php interview questions your interviewees won’t find on the internet.

Finally, don’t lose the opportunity to get the free live email support (usually costing $29/month).  If you don’t buy now, but decide to buy later, you’ll have to pay for the support, or risk going it alone.

Kind regards

php interview questions, jsp interview questions, struts interview questions






Garry Ponus